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A World Travel Diary by Rowley Macklin

In 2007 Rowley decided to backpack around the World for over a year to inject some change and new experiences into his life.

This is a light-hearted travel diary of his time in the USA, Mexico, Central America, South America and then across the Ocean to New Zealand, Australia and The Philippines. Lots of backpacking tips, adventure, mis-adventure, near-deaths and wonderful characters...

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Only £2.10! Over 350 pages of travel goodness.
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A bit about the Author

Rowley Macklin was born and raised in London, Notting Hill. After quite a varied career ranging from network engineer to ostrich farmer he has finally settled into the role of rice harvester in the Philippines and on few occasions is known to work in the IT Industry as a front end developer.

He has also travelled extensively in Africa, Europe & Southeast Asia. This is his first printed works.

Some reviews of the book

Fascinating read
Fascinating read. It will make you want to grab your backpack and embark on your own adventure. Would recommend to anyone Tristan Harfield (Amazon)
Good book
Really enjoyable book only let down by the atrocious punctuation and a few factual errors. plurals do not have an apostrophe and the mayans are a long gone civilisation! That said, well written travelogue, would buy more of Mr Macklin`s ebooks Shelley2802 (Amazon)
Better than Bryson?!
This has to be the best narrative of travel writing I have read since Bill Bryson. There are laugh out loud moments, as well as sheer shocking ones. A great, easy read. I recommend it highly, especially if you've travelled in the same regions, as it will be a great reminder of some fantastic travel memories. DGG (Amazon)
Very good read,couldnt put the book down
Very good book with a lot of action in it,wish i was on that journey but has inspired me to travel the world 1 day
Norman Worley (Amazon)


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